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KLJohnson Motivates, LLC specializes in empowering youth and adults through speaking engagements, workshop faciliation and training sessions. Her expertise begins with the following topics and ends with tailoring her services to meet the specific needs of her clients:

Often times our realities seem too big or too hard to overcome. KLJohnson, through the sharing of her own hurdles and trimuphs, inspires youth and adults alike to square their shoulders, imagine their future and push beyong the mountains in their lives. At the heart of this message, is a commitment to beating the odds that will leave your group, organization, school or team seeing their limits as a launching pad into their future.

Living Beyond Your Limits


Everybody has an 'it' - that thing that happened to you or that thing that you wish never happened. As a result, pain and regret find its way into our lives leaving us to pick up the pieces. KLJohnson stresses the importance of letting go of the past for the sake of your future. Through a message of forgiveness, she imparts wisdom and guidance with such compassion as she transforms the hearts of her audience.

Living Beyond Your It:

The Power of Forgiveness


As a former Division I collegiate athlete and Physical Education/Health teacher, KLJohnson is an advocate for healthy habits. From eating to fitness, she speaks to how non-negiotable our wellness is and offers tools to build and maintain healthy habits. With such contagious energy, KLJohnson gives her audience of one or many just the boost needed to make wellness a lifestyle.

Living Beyond Your Habits


Have a different topic in mind?

Customizable workshop sessions and additional speaking engagement topics are available upon request.

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