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“Katie possesses great talent in working with others and helping them find their path.  For 10 months, our AmeriCorps members with the Near Eastside Education AmeriCorps program have had professional development sessions every other week.  We hired Katie to create a customized training and lead our members through it…they have been raving about Katie’s session and have said many times it’s the best PD session all year.  Not all AmeriCorps members work together at the same site and they have told me after Katie’s session, they really feel like a team.  I see a spark in each of them now that they are motivated to set and accomplish goals.  Katie has an innate ability to connect with others, help them recognize their potential, and inspire them to take action.  We eagerly refer Katie to other organizations and hope to work with her again soon.”

Sarah Gerke, Program Coordinator, AmeriCorps

Indianapolis, IN

"If you have ever crossed paths with Katie, you know that her energy is matchless. This energy, coupled with her expertise and experiences makes her the missing piece to your event, workshop or program. She delivers with excellence and has a contagious spirit that is sure to inspire your group to go to the next level. Our youth were drawn to her presence and fully engaged in her material. She exceeded our expectations!"

Brittani Chavious Hunt, Chief Visionary Officer, Camp Wings

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Walk the Talk Event, Indianapolis, IN

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